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AEA PD Online is currently piloting the first-of-its-kind student personalized learning system. This system will allow Iowa schools to create a variety of online, personalized learning opportunities for students, as well as provide access to the statewide catalog of content, assessments, and performance tasks.

During our piloting phase we will be working with classroom teachers and administrators to refine and add functionality to improve the system. Iowa districts interested in participating in our pilot and accessing our personalized learning curriculum should contact Evan Abbey.

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Statewide support: email AEA PD Online support or call: (800) 255-0405 x14702 or x14668

Student Personalized Learning System © 2016 AEA PD Online

Learning system designed and developed by Marv Howard, Ph.D. AEA Online learning systems overseen by Evan Abbey for the Area Education Agencies of Iowa.