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Iowa College Aid: Interested in Going to College?

This is a three-part module series (+1 optional) outlining the steps current Iowa high school students need to take in order to prepare for going to college. Iowa's Statewide College Prep Curriculum

Computer Science: An Introduction to Blockchains using JavaScript

This module introduces you to the world of blockchains then takes you further by giving you the knowledge you need to create your own blockchain using JavaScript, right in your browser.

Blockchains are the latest hot technological buzz topic, incorporating distributed networking with strong cryptographic elements. This module introduces you to the world of blockchains then takes you further by giving you the knowledge you need to create your own blockchain using JavaScript, right in your browser.

Computer Science Grade 3-5: #4 Networks & the Internet: Cybersecurity Part 1

What is cybersecurity? Do you know how to create a strong password? Have you share personal or private information online? Find out what is important to keep safe and secure and what information is okay to share online in Part 1 of the Cybersecurity module.

In this module, students will look at what is CYBERSECURITY, how to create strong passwords, and understand a digital footprint. What's safe to share online and what an individual should keep private.

Careers: Health Partners Unity Point (DRAFT)

In this module, students will learn about all the potential career opportunities within the Health Insurance provider career pathway.

The Art of Computer Science: Advanced Concepts for High School Students

Learn about the concepts of Computer Science, right in your browser.

This module will provide students with an overview of the concepts of computer science, such as: computer systems, computer hardware, software, algorithms, programming fundamentals, Boolean logic, data structures, looping, algorithm efficiency, functions and recursion, sorting and searching, text encoding and cryptography, databases, networking, and artificial intelligence. Students who successfully complete this module will be prepared to take the AP Computer Science Principles Exam.

Computer Science: An Introduction to JavaScript

Learn to program in JavaScript at your own pace, right in your browser.

From its beginnings as the language of the web browser, JavaScript is now one of the most popular programming languages in the world. JavaScript engines are now embedded in a variety of other software systems, both for server-side website deployments and non-browser applications. This module provides students with a strong introduction to the JavaScript language, with real-world projects and comprehensive reference material.

Trainings: HIPAA

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was passed in 1996, and yet, many employees do not understand HIPAA rules and regulations. You may not know when, or if, health records are exempt from HIPAA regulations, or how to handle records if they are. This training course will give you an overview of the law and a practical understanding of its implementation.

Career Investigation: MidAmerican Energy Wind Power

Check out how Wind Power has shaped Iowa's landscape and the opportunities this provides Iowans.

Describe relevant wind power characteristics. Explain factors for the rapid adoption of wind power in Iowa. Explore possible career and training opportunities available in Wind Power. Outline steps to get into wind power careers at MidAmerican Energy Company.

Career Investigation: TrueNorth Companies: Insurance & Risk Management

Describe Insurance Explain the importance of Risk Management Practices Outlines career opportunities available at TrueNorth

Career Investigation: Career Profiler

Do you struggle with where to start in Career Planning? START HERE. This module outlines 5 different methods for determining which careers that you may be interested in through answers to various questions.

Interactive Simulation: Automotive: 4-stroke Engine

Success Stories, Insights by African American males - Workbook

Students will see that there are successful black individuals who model success. Students can read interesting stories and improve academic skills, including critical thinking (extraction of facts from each story and pre writing organization). Students can compare their lives to the stories in the text and develop essays. This is accomplished by reading the text and using the tools after each story and in the back of the text.

Careers: Pharmacy in Iowa

The Iowa Pharmacy Association of Iowa brings to you relevant knowledge around Pharmacy as a career path focusing on a variety of occupations within the pathway, "the day and the life" of a pharmacist and a pharmacy technician, and works to connect students to educational options here in Iowa!

Interactive Simulation: Biology: Coronavirus

Interactive Model: Biology: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Virtual Tour: Terrace Hill

This module is a 3D tour of Terrace Hill. You can also view this tour in VR.

History: Terrace Hill

A history of Terrace Hill, Iowa Governor's Residence and National Historic Landmark Compare historical photos and present-day photos to learn about changes and improvements over time Engage in interactive games throughout the learning Be connected with additional Terrace Hill resources for further exploration

Iowa History Book: Collections of the Iowa Rural Schools Museum of Odebolt 1870-1950

This book Iowa History: Collections of the Iowa Rural Schools Museum of Odebolt 1870-1950, was written by Sandra Host and shares information with lots of photos on teaching methods and devices, Victorian farm fashions, student desks and devices, toys and games, children outdoor chores, girls’ indoor chores, evolution of music, atlases and maps, teacher’s desk and furnishings, morning routines, student awards and historical school documents and Iowa books all from 1870- 1950

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District Creating and Using Content in SPLS with Students

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