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Note: You need to be registered into the Student Personalized Learning System before you can use it. If you need help registering into the learning system, please review the registration support page.

  1. If you are not logged in, login to the learning system by entering your email and personal password on the Login page.
  2. Select courses in the top menu bar, then select catalog to display a list of available modules and courses.
  3. Click on the booklet, then click on the register button
  4. If retaking a previously completed course or module, click the retake button.
  5. A message will appear on your screen verifying the course name and your current district status. You may click the Cancel button if you do not wish to register for this course, or the Edit your student info link if your district status is not correct. To complete the course registration, click the Complete the registration process button.
  6. You are now registered for the course or module, and are ready to begin.

While taking the training, if your session is interrupted for any reason:

  1. log back in to the learning system (if needed),
  2. select either the enrolled or catalog icon in the courses section, then
  3. click the course booklet then the resume button.

Uncompleted courses

By default, you have twelve weeks (84 days) from registration to complete a training course or module. Your instructor may assign a module or course with an earlier deadline. If the course has expired due to a failure to complete it within the allotted time:

  1. select either the enrolled or catalog icon in the courses section, then
  2. click the course booklet then the restart button to re-register.

Instructions for taking Review Quizzes

  1. After you answer all the questions, click on the "Score my quiz" button at the bottom of the quiz page.
  2. If you answer a question incorrectly, you can answer a different question on the same topic by clicking on the "Try again" button or you can return to the material and, after reviewing the material, take the quiz again.
  3. You must answer all questions correctly to be allowed to go to the next section. Unanswered questions are considered incorrect.
  4. After answering all questions correctly, click on the "Begin next section" button to proceed.
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