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Your district technical support staff are your best friends when it comes to hardware, operating system, and browser issues.

Note: You need to be registered into the Online Learning System before you can use it. If you need help registering into the online learning system, please review the registration support page.


Once you log in, the menu bar displays five options: home, you, courses, support, and logout.


The HOME section (denoted by a little house) displays:

  • announcements and upcoming events,
  • activity at your district, and
  • links to the learning library.


Within the YOU section you can:

  • edit your contact, district, and password information, and
  • manage your learning portfolio.


In the COURSES section you can:

  • access your currently enrolled online course or module to resume where you left off,
  • register to take (or retake) an online course or module from the catalog page (see the courses support page for more information).


Where you are now. From here you can contact your district learning system contact; get general info about the learning system; see what software is supported; learn about how to take an online course or module; and read instructions on how to register into the learning system.


Clicking on the LOGOUT button ends your current session. When you next log in to the learning system, you may resume your in-progress online courses or modules where you left off.

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