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How can I see all of the content in the system without going into each category?

How do I have my students obtain accounts?

  • There are two ways for students to be added to the system.  The first way is to create their own account use their Google credentials.  The second way is for the teacher to upload them into the system.

1) Students create their own account:

  • Click "Log In"
  • Click "Log in with Google"
  • Fill out the form (only have to do this once). Students will need the School verification code. For this contact  Melissa Wicklund
  • Click "Update Profile"
  • Students will only need to do this once. After this, they will be able to log in using their Google credentials.
  • This video will walk you through helping students create a new account with Google credentials: SPLS New Account with Google Credentials


2) To upload students:

  • You will need system administration access and a spreadsheet for mass adding. For this contact  Melissa Wicklund
  • Once you have system administration access, this video will walk you through uploading students: How to add students 

How can I view the content so I know what is there?

This video will walk you through looking at content: How to view content and assign it to students

I have many students I want to assign content. How do I create a group of students?

      • You can create groups of students by clicking the Groups icon in the top navigation bar. 
      • Click " Create New Group"
      • Give the group a relevant name.
      • On the right side search for the student(s) you want to assign to the group.
      • Click the + sign in front of their name to add them to the group you created. 
      • You can come back and add other students to this group or remove them BUT this will not add them to content you have already assigned to the group nor will it remove them from the modules that have already been assigned to that student.

I want to remove a group of students. How do I do this?

      • Groups can be removed from the teacher's view. Click on "Groups" at the top and click the X by the group you wish to remove.

I am ready to assign content to students. How do I do that? Updated

      • This video will walk you through how to assign content to students and what setting you want to consider How to Assign Content to Students in SPLS
      • You can assign groups of students or individual students to any content. Click on the middle icon to the right of the module title.  Search for the student(s) to add to the content and click the arrow to the right of the student name.  If you want to add an entire group of students (you need to assign students to the group- see information on how to create groups), click on the group name that appears below "Assign to Group Members"

I want to look at what the students are doing and grade their work. How do I do that? UPDATED

        • This video will walk you through looking at student work and giving that work a grade:  Teacher grading work and giving feedback 
        • You are not required to give a grade but can provide feedback to the student
        • Students are able to continue working in the module while waiting for assessments to be graded

I want to provide feedback in assessment, ect.  How do I do that? UPDATED

        • This video will walk you through that Using the Grade Book
        • This is done in the grade book. If a student is ready for you to look at the assessment you will see a green halo around the gradebook on the main page.
        • Click the grade book
        • Those students ready to feedback will be at the top with a green star to the right of their name
        • Click that student's name
        • Click on the section to view
        • Click on the Assessment tab
        • See student responses and provide feedback

I want students to do several modules in a row. How do I do this?

      • This is called a learning opportunity
      • There are several Statewide learning opportunities you can use that can be found in the module listing page
      • This video will help you create a learning opportunity and assign it to students: Create Learning Opportunities and assigning students

I can't log in to see what the student will see.  Having that before I share this with students is important to me. UPDATED

How do I team teach the content to the same students with other teachers?

      • This is called Teams in our system.
      • Click on the Teams icon at the top
      • Click "Create New Team"
      • Click "Edit Team" to change the name (or delete)
      • On the right search for the teacher from your district or affiliate that you want to team with
      • Click the + sign to add the teacher
      • That teacher that has been invited NEEDS to accept the invitation to join.  The teacher will need to go into the system, click on Teams. Under "Teacher Teams Of Which You Are A Member". Click on the team you were invited to and click "Accept Invite"
      • Now all members of the team, when selected for the student(s) who is assigned content, can see the work that those students have done

How do I find out when the system will be down or what new content has been added?

How do I Add/Create my (Teacher) own content

      • Uploading via ePubs (See video)
        • Import epub into your SPLS cloud

        • Create an empty module

        • Copy the Module Prefix and click on epub Import and part it in the Module Prefix

        • Select the epub to import

        • Edit as necessary Use Page Spit at Cursor to split pages

      • Document to help you create and edit your content

For additional support contact  Melissa Wicklund or Craig Mohr

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You can contact AEA Learning Online to help you find the answer to your question by entering a support question in our online help system.

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