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General software information

Your district technical support staff are your best friends when it comes to hardware, operating system, and browser issues.

Note: You need to be registered into the Online Learning System before you can use it. If you need help registering into the online learning system, please review the registration support page.


Browser requirements

Browser Explorer Safari Firefox Chrome
minimum supported version 9.0 5.1 21.0 26.0
download current version

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The Student Personalized Learning system makes extensive use of javascript. Click here to test if your browser has javascript enabled. If nothing happens when you click on the link, contact your district technical support for help.


Some modules employ videos to illustrate concepts. Videos are provided in three common formats: H.264 (.mp4) which is supported by current versions of Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer; Ogg/Theora (.ogv or .ogg) which is supported by current versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Opera; and WebM (.webm) which is supported by current versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Opera.

If nothing happens when you click on the video, or the video does not load, contact your teacher or district technology support for help.


Some modules may link to external sites that employ Flash video.  If you do not have a device that uses flash there should be an alternative link in the content.  Check with your teacher to make sure you are required to view this work.

Portable Document Format (PDFs)

Some downloadable content is provided in the Portable Document Format. iOS devices, Macs, and most Windows computers have support for PDF files built in. However, some versions of Windows may require additional software. If you are unable to view PDF files within a module or course, contact your district technical support for help.

The Adobe Reader PDF software may be downloaded here.

Need more help?

You can contact AEA Learning Online to help you find the answer to your question by entering a support question in our online help system.

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